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50 year old mum and grandma juggling children, grandchildren, love, work, and the menopause!

All by myself

Friday 13 September 2019. Day 244: So it’s Friday again and I will mostly be spending yet another weekend pretty much on my own. I am beginning to quietly dread these two days, having no fixed routine like I do when I’m working Monday to Friday. A call to my lovely mum where I share…

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Hot Mamapause Dating

Sunday 21 July 2019. Day 190: ‘I currently want to stab my husband in the head!’. Just one of the recent comments I’ve seen on a social media menopause forum. The menopause impostor makes the sweetest of us turn into creatures we don’t recognise and the slightest wrong action or clumsy comment from our nearest…

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My Menopause Story (so far!)

Sunday 19 May 2019. Day 128: What a difference six months can make. Life as I knew it back in November has changed somewhat. Early November: although being constantly tired with worsening migraines, I am just about managing to work a stressful job, run a home, manage a child with severe anxiety, provide a day…

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Dumped by Instagram

Wednesday 8 May 2019. Day 117: So I seem to be a part of the modern social media phenomenon and I got dumped by Instagram. Not the actual social media site, but by my partner of 7 years. Call me old fashioned, but an actual conversation would have been the decent move. So who do…

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Fifty days to 50

Wednesday 20 March 2019. Day 68: When I was young (to my mum, I still am) being 50 was one step away from the retirement home. In 50 days time, I will be 50 years old. As this new decade approaches, I can’t help looking back at previous significant birthdays and remembering where I was…

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Dear Doctor

Monday 3 March 2019. Day 51: Since becoming aware three months ago that I am in the menopause stage of my life, I decided to start writing this journal in the hope that writing my thoughts and feelings would help me cope with this mid-life transition and to hopefully connect with other meno women. What…

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Little black cloud

Thursday 28 February 2019. Day 48: It’s been a couple of weeks since I last wrote a journal entry. Two reasons; Firstly, I only want to write about things that bother, excite or concern me; Secondly, I can’t be bothered or get excited about anything at the moment. I guess out of my list of…

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Dear Sleep, I miss you

Friday 8 February 2019. Day 28: I never needed much sleep; not as a baby, child or teenager. It would always take me an age to drift off, but once I was soundly in the land of nod, I usually stayed there until early morning, where I would wake feeling refreshed – definitely a lark.…

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