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I started writing this aged 49 having never written anything before other than shopping lists and business emails. I’m Samantha, a (now) 50 year old single mum of two grown up children and one grandchild. I ‘officially’ became perimenopausal in November 2018 after weeks of waking in the night, wringing wet with sweat and then struggling to get back to sleep again. I was eventually prescribed HRT in February 2019 and within one week, the night sweats and hot flushes disappeared. Surprisingly, many other symptoms that I had no idea were menopause related, also improved. In the short time I have been writing this blog, I have discovered that hundreds of women are also struggling as many GP’s are failing to diagnose the menopause in the belief that they are too young in their early 40’s (and younger) to be at this stage in their lives. Rather shockingly, women are being prescribed anti-depressants to help alleviate the anxiety and depression associated with this life change, often going through the whole peri/meno/post stages with no offer of HRT.

I am just a regular working mum who decided to write my thoughts and feelings from the age I became a mum right up to now in an attempt to help me navigate my way through this next challenging part of my life. I naively had no idea that so many women were struggling with the juggling act of life whilst having to manage the menopause, which can last years. I look forward to sharing this journey with other women who are trying to do it all ! I’d love to hear from you.

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SJP xx

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